United- Liverpool could make or break latter’s season – Redknapp

Manchester United to Anfield on Saturday could make or break Liverpool’s season according to Jamie Redknapp.

Jurgen Klopp

“It’s the sort of game that, for Liverpool, it can turn your season around,” the ex-England international told Omnisport when asked about the keenly contested rivalry between Liverpool and the Red Devils.

“I’ve played in plenty of games against Man United when, if you win, it’s a complete season-changer.

“If they lose… maybe the pressure starts to come on Jurgen Klopp a bit. I mean that in a nice way because… points to points, he’s not much better than Brendan Rodgers, if not worse.

“It’s an interesting game for him and it’s a game you do not want to lose against Manchester United, at any time of the season.”

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