Uganda Super League (USL)’s director, Kavuma Kabenge has swiftly reacted to the FUFA- Azam Uganda Premier league deal. Kavuma intimated to Airtel Uganda Football that:

You wonder how some people conduct their business? There is a binding agreement (contract) but someone breaks it deliberately. We shall not look on, we plan to seek legal advice and hopefully everything will be settled amicably.

Kavuma was referring to the remaining 2 and a half years on the contract Uganda Super League limited signed with FUFA.

On Monday morning, FUFA unveiled a Ushs 5.6 Billion deal that will see the Tanzanian pay Television giants, Azam sponsor the league in a 3 and a half year deal.

FUFA President, Moses Magogo communicated the immediate termination of the contract between FUFA and USLL.

“We have terminated the contract between FUFA and USLL today” Magogo remarked as he addressed the Press conference at Serena.

FUFA’s Ahmed Hussein confirmed to Airtel Uganda Football that the Federation wrote to USLL on January 30th 2015 communicating the termination of the contract.

We wrote a letter of termination of contract to USLL on 30th January 2015, so there is no way Kabenge calls our run out clause as an open divorce.

Kavuma further informed Airtel Uganda Football that he has already notified the Sports Minister about the issue as they await for the communication before taking the next step.

The UPL secretariat has already set the start of the second round of the league for 17th February 2015. Airtel Uganda Football will keep you abreast of the upcoming developments.