The Saints 1-0 Maroons

The Saints were 1-0 victors over relegated Maroons and by so doing, sealed their stay in league for at least one season.

The Saints began the game in Namboole well knowing that a win would be enough for them to confirm their stay in the league.

After a rather boring half, goalkeeper Yasin Mugabi found the much needed goal through a controversial penalty in the 81st minute.

Maroons’ midfielder Yayha Luuti was penalised for handling the ball inside the box even though it looked like it was from outside the box.

Mugabi was the man who came out to slot in the resultant penalty hence saving his team from the relegation threat.

Maroons who had nothing to play for almost caused an upset towards the end of the game but were silenced by the goalkeeper.

The win takes The Saints to eleventh position, 11 points above relegation with just two games to the end of the season.