Kasule bashes FUFA, UPL for continued docking of points from teams

Mujib Kasule has bashed FUFA and the Uganda Premier League for continued docking of points from teams in the top division.

Proline coach Mujib Kasule

The Proline FC director also coach was reacting to the docking of points from Kirinya Jinja SS on counts of  behavior of its official, Hannington Kalyesubula.

According to FUFA, the reasons given for docking were that Kalyesubula verbally attacked match officials in the 1-0 defeat to Soana at Bugembe on November 4, 2017.

“If clubs are going to lose hard earned points in this manner, then there is no reason why we should play since a referee can just write in his report that you abused him and like that you lose points…,” read part of the missive by Kasule.

“It means that Fufa or UPL have the power to influence the positions of the league including who wins and who gets relegated,” he added.

Using this decision for example this is what is wrong.

  1. Kirinya was sentenced without being charged.
  2. The club that was punished did not make any offence.
  3. Kalyesubula who allegedly committed the offence was not punished. Therefore if Kalyesubula was not guilty, how can the club be?
  4. Neither Kirinya nor the coaches were heard before the sanctions (principle of natural justice)
  5. Where is the evidence that was relied on or is it the case of the referee is final
  6. If coach Mbuzi (Charles Ayiekoh) was consistently arguing with the referee and contesting each decision, why didn’t the referee send him off because he has the powers unless he realized after reaching home. 
  7. The standard punishments in such a situation are
  8. a) Warning 
  9. b) Fine
  10. c) Suspension 
  11. d) A combination of two or all the above.

I think if the offence is of an individual nature, those individuals should be punished but not the club.

Earlier this season, SC Villa were docked two points and as many goals following fans’ violence at St. Mary’s stadium, Kitende against Vipers.


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