Sebastien Desabre: We need to correct mistakes in penetration

Uganda Cranes head coach Sebastien Desabre says he has to find the medicine for the sides failure to penetrate the final third of the field following a goalless draw against Malawi.

Uganda Cranes coaches Sebastien Desabre and Matia Lule

Uganda beat West African island nation Sao Tome and Principe 3-1 on Saturday, 24th March 2018 before playing out to a dull goal-less stalemate with central African country Malawi two days later.

Addressing the media during the second match at the Mandela National Stadium board room on Tuesday, the Frenchman asserted there is room to follow up on the other players during the May international break.

During the two international friendly matches, we had set two targets – to win both games and access players.

We won the first and failed to win the second. During the second game, we did not win but managed not to concede any goal.

I got the opportunity to test out the different player combinations for instance Murushid Jjuuko and Bevis Mugabi at the central defence as well as Okwi and Sentamu. We changed the game system to 4-4-2 with Okwi and Sentamu in the second game.

For the particular match against Malawi, he had mixed feelings;

We controlled the game (against Malawi) and created three chances. I am happy with commitment and the control we had during the match.

We need to correct the mistakes in penetration especially during the final third of the playing field.

Desabre maintains some of the players who have not got the chance to play as Aucho Khalid and Moses Oloya plus others have an opportunity in the May international break.

Some players have been seen and now i know how they feature with their strong points. I will continue to access other players in May. especially Aucho and Oloya who missed these matches.

The two line ups used in the different build ups:

Uganda Cranes Vs Sao Tome and Principe: Denis Onyango (G.K, Captain), Nico Wakiro Wadada, Godfrey Walusimbi (68; Alex Kakuba) Murushid Juuko, Bevis Mugabi (88’ Timothy Dennis Awanyi), Hassan Wasswa Mawanda, Milton Karisa (80’ Fahad Bayo),  Geofrey ‘Baba’ Kizito (67’ Tadeo Lwanga), William Kizito Luwagga (57’ Abraham Ndugwa), Emmanuel Arnold Okwi (56’ Emmanuel Arnold Okwi), Joseph Benson Ochaya

Subs Not Used: Hood Kawesa, Fahad Bayo, Derrick Nsibambi, Salim Jamal (G.K), Charles Lukwago (G.K)

Uganda Cranes Vs Malawi:

Dennis Onyango (G.K, Captain), Dennis Iguma, Godfrey ‘Jajja Walu’ Walusimbi, Bevis Mugabi, Murushid Jjuuko, Tadeo Lwanga, Hassan Wasswa Mawanda, Milton Karisa (52’ Abraham Ndugwa), Emmanuel Arnold Okwi (60’ William Kizito Luwagga), Yunus Sentamu (62’ Derrick Nsibambi), Joseph Benson Ochaya (94’ Fahad Bayo)

Subs Not Used:

Salim Jamal Magoola (G.K), Charles Lukwago, Isaac Isinde, Timothy Dennis Awany, Alex Kakuba, Geofrey ‘Baba’ Kizito, Fahad Bayo, Hood Kaweesa

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