Mutebi backs Allan Okello to become better at KCCA

KCCA coach Mike Mutebi has backed evergreen Allan Okello to get even better at the club.

Allan Okello celebrates a goal

This follows back-to-back the Uganda Premier League champions defeating UPDF FC 2-0 in a rare Monday game at the StarTimes Stadium, Lugogo.

Okello scored a brace in final ten minutes of the game to earn the points for the Kasasiro which left manager Mike Mutebi impressed.

Asked what he made of the creative midfielder, Mutebi said: “These players have no pressure, they have a responsibility because it’s their club.

“That’s why he’s put on the field of play… He does his things, I say thank you; he doesn’t do it, I’m on him because I expect him to do that.

“But as a young lad growing, when you see him do those things, it’s encouraging both for him and the team.

“So, he can center himself as the face of the club (and) everything we do will will rotate around him because he is the leader of their generation. So it’s good for him.”

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