Uganda Cranes captain Onyango defends under fire coach Desabre

Uganda Cranes captain Denis Onyango has defended new coach Sebastien Desabre despite a difficult start with the national team.

The outfit lost two matches to lowly ranked Central Africa Republic and Niger but Onyango has backed the coach, saying he should be given time.

“It’s tough times for us (players) and for the coach. He is trying to build his brand of football and it’s not easy to change players’ mentality to adopt your style of play,” Onyango said during NTV’s weekly sports show PRESSBOX.

“We have seen it at Man City when Pep came in. He did not win anything in the first season. I think they should just give the coach time,” he reasoned.

Asked on the team’s scoring woes, Onyango said: “We are building and when you are building you don’t start from the roof, you start from the foundation.

Uganda Cranes captain Denis Onyango after being beaten by Mohamed Salah

“His mission is to take us to the Nations Cup and we haven’t started that with him and I think the game against Tanzania is very important for him, unfortunately it’s at home and there’s a lot of pressure. But I think we (as players) must be supportive of him.”

Summary of Uganda Cranes matches under Desabre

  • 2nd June 2018: Niger 2-1 Uganda (International Friendly)
  • 30th May 2018: CAR 1-0 Uganda (International Friendly)
  • 27th March 2018: Uganda 0-0 Malawi (International Friendly Match)
  • 24th March 2018: Uganda 3-1 Sao Tome and Principe (International Friendly Match)
  • 22nd January 2018: Uganda 0-0 Ivory Coast (CHAN 2018)
  • 18th January 2018: Uganda 0-1 Namibia (CHAN 2018)
  • 14th January 2018: Zambia 3-1 Uganda (CHAN 2018)
  • 10th January 2018: Uganda 0-1 Congo (International Friendly Match)
  • 6th January 2018: Uganda 1-1 Guinea (International Friendly Match)

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