Ghana FA president Kwesi Nyantakyi banned by FIFA

Ghana Football Association (GFA) President Kwesi Nyantakyi has been banned by the FIFA adjudicatory chamber of the Ethics Committee for at least 90 days.

This follows a shocking revelation by Ghana investigative journalist Anas Anas in a video released on BBC which showed Nyantakyi taking a cash gift of $ 65,000 in order to smoothen a ‘sponsorship’ deal.

“The chairperson of the adjudicatory chamber of the Ethics Committee has provisionally banned the President of the Ghana Football Association (GFA) and FIFA Council member, Mr Kwesi Nyantakyi, for duration of 90 days…,” read part of the statement from FIFA.

“The duration of the ban may be extended for an additional period not exceeding 45 days,” it adds.

During this time, Mr Nyantakyi is banned from all football activities at both national and international level (administrative, sports or any other). The ban comes into force immediately. 

Nyantakyi, Kenyan referee Range Marwa and Gambian official Jallo who were also filmed taking bribes from disguising Ghana officials.

The decision was taken upon the request of the chairperson of the investigatory chamber of the Ethics Committee carrying out the formal investigation proceedings into Mr Nyantakyi, pursuant to art. 83 par. 1 and art. 84 par. 2 of the FIFA Code of Ethics.

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