2018 Airtel Rising Stars: Favourites Buganda through to the boys’ semifinals

The group stages of the 2018 Airtel Rsing Stars national tournament concluded on Friday at three different grounds in Fort Portal.

Favourites Buganda qualified for the semifinals unbeaten in Group A following victories against Kitara, West Nile and Kampala.

Buganda Region followed the hard fought 1-0 win over Kampala on the opening with a 4-1 thumping of Kitara and 1-0 win over West Nile.

Buganda topped the group and will cross with Northern Region in the semifinals on Saturday.

In the other boys’ semifinal, Western will face Kampala.

Airtel Rising Stars | Day Two Results


  • Kampala 3-0 West Nile
  • Kitara 7-1 North Eastern
  • North Eastern 1-0 West Nile
  • Kampala 2-2 Kitara
  • Western 0-0 Eastern
  • Buganda 1-0 Eastern
  • Buganda 1-1 Northern
  • Western 0-0 Northern


  • West Nile 1-2 Kampala
  • Eastern 4-1 Noorth Eastern
  • Buganda 1-0 West Nile
  • North Eastern 0-3 Western
  • Western 2-2 Northern
  • Northern 1-0 Eastern
  • Buganda 4-1 Kitara
  • Kampala 3-0 Kitara

Semifinal Fixtures


  • Buganda vs. Northern
  • Western vs. Kampala


  • Buganda vs. Kampala
  • Western vs. Kitara

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