Kakamenga Home Boyz Coach Paul Nkata has reportedly deserted his post as head coach after match fixing allegations sufficed at Kenyan club.

The side’s poor run of results which has seen them win-less in seven games, sitting 13th on the KPL table standings has recently mounted pressure on the Ugandan tactician with his tenure seemingly on the precipice.

The dismal run caused a debilitating headache to the club’s management who retaliated by launching a probe into the disastrous campaign. According to various reports in Kenya, the findings have been horrific.

The management is suspicious that the veteran tactician and a number of players have been placing bets.

“We are shocked. We thought the poor run was just a normal one but we decided to do some investigations and we found out that our coach has been placing bets on games. He has been paying some of our players between 50,000-200,000 to lose games,” the source disclosed.

In the awake of the match fixing allegations, Nkata’s whereabouts are unknown and is believed to have left stealthily back to Uganda Uganda.

“We understand that he has traveled to Uganda. Someone tipped him and he decided to run away. It’s an a very sad situation, the source added.

Nkata, formerly at Ugandan side URA FC has also coached Kenyan sides Tusker FC and Muhoroni Youth.