Katwe United vs Paidha Angels - 2

The FUFA Competitions Disciplinary Panel (CDP) has found Big League outfit, Paidha Black Angels guilty of beating referees and Dove All Stars players.

Katwe United vs Paidha Angel

According to the findings, Paidha Black Angels fans pelted stones towards the match officials and visiting team, Dove All Stars after a game between the two sides played on 14th December 2019 at Bar Okoro stadium.

The report indicates after the game that ended in a one all draw, the home fans threw stones to the match officials and the visiting team which prompted police to intervene using teargas to save the situation.

The Zombo based has therefore been banned from hosting one FUFA competition match at Bar Okoro Stadium, Zombo and fined Shs 500, 000 for misconduct.

“Paidha Black Angels is here by banned from hosting any FUFA competition match from Bar Okoro Stadium for one home match.

“Paidha Black Angels FC is fined Ugx 500,000 (Five hundred thousand shillings to be paid within 14 days from the date of the decision,” read some parts of the letter.